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When You're Absent Due to Illness or Injury
Updated On: Feb 06, 2009






DO provide them with your social security number.

DO provide them with the names and telephone numbers of your supervisor.

DO tell them that you are ill.

DO ask the person you're speaking with their full name and title.

DO give them the name and telephone number of your physician if you are under a doctor's care and expect your illness to last longer then seven calendar days. All you should be telling them is that you're sick.


DO NOT discuss your illness with them.

DO NOT diagnose yourself.

DO NOT let them diagnose you.

DO NOT offer any information; like "I have a cold," (or the flu, a sprained ankle, etc).

DO NOT tell them when you think you'll be back.



If at any time you are told from anyone at ARC that your absence does not qualify for family medical leave act (FMLA), ask why not and document that person's answer, the time, date and their name.



If this happens you should file a grievance for FMLA treatment (and a separate grievance if the person tries to intimidate you), harass, or mistreat you in any way.

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