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Regional Bargaining Report # 50
Friday February 5, 2016 In our previous Mid-Atlantic bargaining report, we communicated that your CWA bargaining committee made a proposal which addressed the needs of both the Company and the Union. One of the critical issues for the Company is the cost of healthcare. The Union addressed this in our proposal which would save the Company millions during the term of the contract.
Union Products for Super Bowl Parties
On Super Bowl Sunday, some of our larger and faster union brothers—members of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA)—will be battling it out in Santa Clara, California, at Super Bowl 50. While the Super Bowl carries a union label, from players to broadcast crews to stadium workers—your Super Bowl party spread can, too, with union-made in America food and drinks.
Update from the VA AFL-CIO :  The Senate passed the Right to Work constitutional amendment which means it will be on the ballot in November.   What this means for Virginians is that if the ammendment passes, our chances of repealing the Right to Work (for less) in Virginia will be nearly impossible.  It is critical that every Union member vote NO to the ammendment.
Load Numbers
When Is Enough Enough ???

Download: JFK FLYER.doc
Local 2222 Thanks Our Newly Trained Stewards

A big thanks to our newly trainied Stewards.  These members have volunteered to represent our Local and you with our Employers.  Please thank them for their dedication and service.  Anyone desiring to serve as a Steward or Committee member is urged to contact the Local office for more information.
Congrats And Thanks To Your New Stewards

Download: 20160121_141822.jpg
Load Update Through 2/2/16
NORVA/DC (170 Center) is the last group to be working the "Service Emergency".  The most recent load numbers are shown below.  From these numbers, it would seem that the SE should be lifted, possibly as soon as tomorrow.  Hang in there, pad your personal strike fund with the overtime and file grievances as appropriate.
Steward' Meeting CANCELED
Due to the "Service Emergency" the Steward/Mobilizer meeting for February 2, 2016 has been canceled.   Hopefully, we will be able to meet in March.
Your Safety - Your Decision
As the first major snowstorm of the year bears down on our area every member is reminded that we are all responsible for our own safety.  If you drive to work as most of us do, please condsider your own safety before you leave home.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 49
In the last Mid Atlantic bargaining report we informed you that after high level discussions between the Union and the Company during the last few weeks the Union bargaining committee gave the Company a proposal which addressed both parties’ needs. This week the Company rejected the Unions proposal and gave another unacceptable proposal to the Union.
Current Scholarships
Tech Moblization
In an email dated Saturday, January 16th, Tom Stribling, Verizon Labor Relations, wrote: The LTSD will end COB today except for Eastern VA.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 47
January 15, 2016 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company today in Philadelphia. After high-level discussions during the last few weeks the Union bargaining teams assembled earlier this week and prepared a comprehensive proposal which they presented to the Company at today's session.
Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
On this day, it is fitting that we acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King on what would have been his 86th Birthday. Dr. King was taken from us too soon.  He appealed to the conscience of our nation, held our great country to its highest ideals, and challenged all of us to see, and treat, each other as brothers and sisters.
Vice President Mooney at Membership Meeting
Barring any unforeseen need to be at the bargaining table, our District Vice President Ed Mooney will be attending our next General Membership Meeting.  Ed is a powerful speaker and motivator.  He will provide updates on Verizon bargaining and will be available to answer questions from members.
LTSD Load Numbers
Recall Results
Information regarding the recall vote can be found by signing in to this site, going to Member Resourses/Home Page.  Members who are not registered users, please register and you will be given access.
Recall Vote
Attached are the tentative results from the recall election regarding Local 2222 Executive Vice President, Cheryl Edwards.  Per the CWA Constitution (Article XXII, Section 6), EVP Edwards will not be recalled from office.  This tentative certification is subject to appeal as per the CWA Constitution Article IX, Section 7).
Download: unnamed.jpg
Stewards Meeting Canceled
Funeral Arrangements for Brother John Hare
The Funeral Arrangements are set for John Hare, please see below: December 28, 2015 12:00 Noon Second Baptist Church East End 3307 Chestnut Ave Newport News, Va.
Memorial Gathering for John Hare
At the request of the family, Local 2222 will be hosting a memorial gathering to honor our brother John this Sunday, December 20th from Noon to 2PM. The gathering will take place at the J William Bickers Memorial Union Hall located at 4308 Evergreen Lane in Annandale VA.    The family and the Local welcomes all as we remember John and come to grips with his untimely passing.
Local's Web Page Has Been Compromised

Unfortunately, this web paged was compromised today. This is being viewed as a very serious matter and necessary steps to insure this does not happen again have been taken.

As always, the information you provide your Union is confidential.  Additional measures will been taken as needed to ensure your continued trust regarding your personal information.   

Loss of Brother Hare
The Local is very sad to report that one of our members, John Hare, aged 51, passed away yesterday after suffering a severe injury while on the job. John was Cable Splicer who was known by many as a very safe technician.  He had 26 years of service with Verizon.  Details of the incident are unknown at this time.
Verizon CPS - Deferral to Savings Plan
During the last week of December, a letter will be mailed to Verizon employees homes advising them of the opportunity defer their 2015 CPS award.  The letter provides eligible employees with information about the option to defer their entire CPS award into their Verizon Savings Plan. Those who choose to defer their award must take action between Jan. 4 and Feb. 4, 2016.
Recall Petition
The Local 2222 membership was recently sent balloting information regarding a recall election currently being conducted by the Local 2222 Election Committee.  The petition that triggered that recall election is reproduced and reprinted in its entirely (absent signatures) below.
Download: Petition for Recall.pdf
Forced to Sign Up For Lead to Succeed?
CWA District 2-13 has filed an Executive Level Grievance over Verizon's harrasment of employees to ensure everyone has signed up to participate in their LTS program.  The grievance presentation is attached.  The program is entirely voluntary.  Participation is not required.
Download: ELG Violation of LOU Sales and Referral Incentive Programs.pdf
Food and Toy Drive
CWA LOCAL 2222’s Annual Toys for Tots  and  Non-Perishable Food Drive Please help us to help those who are less fortunate.  Please find it in your hearts and spirits to donate non-perishable goods and toys for tots between the ages of 1- 17 years. CWA will hand deliver what we collect to neighboring food banks, churches, and schools.
2016 Presidential Candidate Poll
CWA has established a website,, to provide information about the candidates, along with an online poll for members to make their views known.  It is important that this poll reflect the views of as many members as possible.  Please take a minute to participate in the polling and make your voice heard.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report # 47
December 4, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee met this week in Philadelphia. The committee reviewed Verizon’s modified proposals on Independent Medical Examination, Work at Home, Accident Disability, Evaluative Observations, and Electronic Recording of Calls, while waiting for Verizon to respond to information on medical costs requested nearly two weeks ago.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 46
November 20, 2015 The Mid Atlantic Bargaining Committee met with the company today in Philadelphia. The company passed a modified proposal outlining modifications to the Sickness and Accident Disability Plan, Evaluative Observations and the Electronic Monitoring of Calls. The company also withdrew a proposal regarding notification requirements of a Technological Change.
Eight Hour Cap on FORCED OT
Per the Letter of agreement regarding Overtime Administration, "Commencing January 1, 2001 this cap on forced overtime shall be 8 hours per employee per payroll week".  Because there happen to be designated Holidays in a week, it does not change that agreement. No employee should be forced to work more than 8 hours of overtime next week.
Assinged to Work a Holiday
Our contract with Verizon dictates the payment of wages for Holidays.  It does not guarentee time off on Holidays.  Verizon and their UNION BUSTING attorneys are well aware of this and have abused their right to assign employees to work on many Holidays this year including LABOR DAY and VETERANS DAY! What a slap in the face to Unionists, many of whom are Veterans.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 45
November 19, 2015 The Mid Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company today to discuss questions and issues related to Healthcare. As you are aware, the company has proposed extremely drastic changes to the existing health care plan and these changes would result in significant out of pocket expenses for every active employee as well as retirees.
Verizon to Hire 75 Service Technicians
Local 2222 has been informed that Verizon is currently hiring for Service Technicians to work Fios jobs.  Aproximately 75 jobs will be offered at the locations listed below.  These jobs are permanent full time positions and are listed in RAMP as well as Verizon's external web site.
Verizon has announced that the Long Term Service Difficulty will end at the Close of Business today.  This is for copper and fios.  CWA has been pushing all week for Verizon to lift the LTSD  due to the load numbers not substantiating the continued need to force overtime above the 8 hour caps.  Special thanks to Gail Evans for leading the fight.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 44
November 18, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company today. The company rejected every proposal the Union passed yesterday, without making any meaningful counter proposals to help move the bargaining process forward. Clearly, the Company believes this round of bargaining should only address its issues.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #43
November 17, 2015 The Regional Bargaining Committee met today in Philadelphia. The discussions involved the Company’s comprehensive proposal provided to the Union on November 4, 2015. The comprehensive proposal contained modifications on the Company’s Healthcare, Tuition Assistance, Electronic Recording of Calls, and State and Municipal Paid Leave Laws proposals.
Load Numbers Don't Justify LTSD
These are the most current load numbers for the 170 Center.  They do not justify the continuation of the LTSD. We have not been provided the numbers for today.  Members should ask their Supervisors questions about why we are still under the LTSD, work safely and use their best judgement when it comes to working Overtime.
Membership Meeting TOMORROW Tuesday, November 17th
Just a reminder that the Local will hold it's monthly Membership meeting tomorrow night at the Local Membership hall in Annandale, starting at 5:30PM.  Since the October meeting was cancelled, please make every effort to attend YOUR Union Meeting.  We have many issues to discuss and your VOTE matters.  Stay informed and stay UNITED.
Statement by CWA President Shelton for Veterans Day 2015
CWA: Let’s Do A Better Job of Honoring Our Veterans Following is a statement by CWA President Chris Shelton on how our nation should honor our veterans: Washington, D.C. – What does it mean to honor our veterans? Tomorrow, many of us will join in community celebrations and parades, or solemn commemorations at local cemeteries.
LTSD is back...(but has it really ever left?)

Verizon has declared a Long-Term Service Difficulty (LTSD), for FIOS throughout the Potomac region, under the Overtime Administration Letter of Understanding our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Verizon has yet to provide us with any data that would support such “Difficulty”. 

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!  The time is now to demonstrate our solidarity more than ever. 

  • Work to the RULE!
  • Quality over quantity. 
  • Pre-survey, and double-check your work.
  • Be accountable, and hold your supervisors accountable!
  • Notify management of any and all roadblocks IMMEDIATELY!
  • No shortcuts, No favors!
  • Informational Picketing 30 mins before your tour begins

Be mindful of your co-workers and communicate with each other about the jobs in your load.  Many feel this LTSD is rather suspicious, and conveniently timed by the company.  The company should also be accepting reasonable excuses for personal needs that may surface. Keep in mind, that your health and family comes first, so act accordingly!

We will post any information we receive as soon as possible.

In Solidarity

Safety alert! Stewards: Please print and post on your Union Board
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #40

Download: Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #40.pdf
Verizon Bargaining Report #40

Dex Media - Contract Extended
CWA's contracts with Dex Media expired on October 10th at 11:59PM.  Both the CWA and Dex have agreed to extend the contract until October 24th at 11:59PM.  Dex members have been mailed strike authorization votes.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 39
The Regional Bargaining Committee met with the Company today. The Union provided responses to the Company’s proposals on Job Security, Forced Transfers Requiring a Home Relocation, Temporary Assignments in Another State and Permanent Transfers involving Home Relocations.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 38
The Regional Bargaining Committee met today. The Company responded to the proposals the Union presented yesterday. Although management responded positively to a Union proposal regarding the family care and training advisory committees, there was virtually no movement on other issues.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 37
The Union and the Company met today. The Union responded to the Company regarding its proposal on reducing the areas of study covered by the current Tuition Assistance Plan. The Union explained that significant movement was made in the last round of bargaining on the Tuition Assistance Plan and from those changes the Company has reaped significant savings.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 36
The CWA Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Committee met with the company today in Philadelphia. The company passed a modified proposal on Corporate Profit Sharing and attempted to justify their position on changes in the tuition assistance program, which would completely exclude or limit dozens of areas of study. The Union will prepare an appropriate response after reviewing information provided.
Dex Media Bargaining Report #3
The Union and the Dex Media Bargaining Teams continued talks in Philadelphia on September 30th and October 1st. The Union placed several additional proposals including General Wage increases for non-commissioned workers and a simplified Comp proposal for inside and outside sales.
Verizion Transfers COT's to Frontier
This week Verizon announced the names Ashburn COT's  who will be transfered to Frontier with the sale of CA, TX and FL.  These COT's will be remain in Local 2222 and will be working under the same contract as the West Virginia Frontier workers.  A copy of that contract can be found under MEMBER RESOURCES.
Quote of the day
"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.
Quote of the day...
"Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.
Quote of the day
"There is nothing stronger than the American labor movement. United, we cannot and we will not be turned aside. We'll work for it, sisters and brothers. We'll stand for it. Together. Each of us. To bring out the best in America. To bring out the best in ourselves, and each other.
Quote of the day...
"The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men." -Lyndon B.
Quote of the day...
"...Never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity!...Everybody, according to his or her responsibilities, should be able to make a personal contribution to putting an end to so many social injustices...Solidarity means seeing others, not as rivals or statistics, but brothers and sisters, and we are all brothers and sisters.
Dex Media Bargaining Report #2
Bargaining resumed in Philadelphia on Wednesday September 16 and Thursday September 17. The Union passed a number of proposals including; Improving Business Tools and Resources. Eliminating Pay Area 1 (the lowest pay area). Establishing an Employer funded Health Care Reimbursement Account (HRA). Amending Article 9.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 35
September 18, 2015 In an effort to move negotiations forward, the Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company this week in off-table discussions focusing primarily on issues surrounding Call-Sharing. While the informal discussions provided some insight to address mutual concerns, the two sides remain far apart on a clear path to resolve the issue.
Informational Picketing 9/17/15
ANOTHER GREAT DISPLAY OF SOLIDARITY!   Members @ Gallows Rd 9/17/15   If you would like to have photos of Mobilization activities at your location posted, please email them to  If you are not getting information regarding upcoming mobilization events, please contact your coordinator or the Local office on 703 256-2200.
Quote Of The Day
"Until 'We the People' stop fighting amongst ourselves, and realize we're all getting screwed, nothing will change.
Local 2222 Politial Activists Lobby to Support Voting Rights
Yesterday, members of the Local's Political Action Committee joined with hundreds of other Unionists and community groups attending a rally  commerating the end of the NAACP sponsored "Journey for Justice" march which began on August 1st in Selma.  CWA District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings said at the start of the march
Quote of the day...
"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." -John F.
Quote Of The Day
"Remember, people are watching and those people are your children and you need to teach them to live on their feet, not on their knees .
Great Explanation of CWA's Battle With Verizon
Please copy and past the link below to your browser and read the amazing article from the web page.  The Verizon, union stand-off and the future of labor This is the first of a three-part series. Part two deals with customer service and part three deals with privacy issues. By Andrew Stewart on September 7, 2015 http://www.rifuture.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #34
September 10, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining team spent most of this week reviewing information provided by the company. There were no formal bargaining sessions held this week. There were off table discussions with the company regarding the accuracy of healthcare information the Company had provided.
Dex Media Bargaining Report #1
                                    Dex Media Bargaining Report #1 Bargaining for a successor agreement for Dex Media workers throughout Districts 1 and 2?13 opened in Philadelphia on Wednesday September 9th.
Quote of the day...
"If we stand still, we die. If we don't change what's not working, then we are condemning ourselves to a slow death. Brothers and Sisters, we will not die." -Edwin D.
Picketing at Lowell's House
Members of the bargaining team, Locals 2204, 13100 and 2222 represented the CWA by participating in water picketing at Smith Mountain Lake this weekend. The group dropped anchor about 50 feet from Lowell McAdams property. They were greeted by Lowell's private security guard who was quickly joined by the Bedford County Sheriff as well as other law enforcement personnel.
IS THIS YOUR CWA STATUS? complacency [kuh m-pley-suh n-see] /k?m?ple? s?n si/ noun, plural complacencies. 1. a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc. Don't let this be you.  STAY INFORMED.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #33
September 3, 2015 The Regional Committee met with the Company today. The Company opened the meeting clarifying its proposal on the list of Centers. The Company’s intent is not to close the centers but only to identify centers where they would pay an additional $5,000 in home relocation benefits to employees transferred either within or to a different bargaining unit.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #32
September 2, 2015 The Regional Committee met with the company today in an off-table discussion regarding healthcare.  These discussions are an attempt to clarify information and find areas of agreement where we can move forward in these very slow negotiations.  Tomorrow, members of the committee will meet regarding local issues.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report # 31
The Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company this afternoon to discuss the company's proposal regarding Force Transfers Requiring a Home Relocation. The Union also requested the Company revisit the proposed changes to the Medical Restriction Policy.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #30
August 27, 2015 The Bargaining committee met with the company today to reject its proposal from yesterday’s meeting. The company was also advised that since they had rejected our comprehensive proposal then all of our individual proposals were back on the table.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #29
August 26, 2015 The Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company late tonight. The Company responded to the Union’s comprehensive proposal by rejecting the proposal and passing a modification to its original comprehensive proposal. The Union Committee will review the Company’s proposal and respond appropriately.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #28
August 25, 2015 After several days of intensive review and drafting, the Union Bargaining Committee presented a Comprehensive Proposal today to address the outstanding issues on the table as a package.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #27
Thursday, August 20, 2015 The Bargaining committee has met in off the record conversations for the past two days in an attempt to find some common ground and move negotiations along. While there has been some frank discussion and a better understanding of both side’s positions we are still far apart on the fundamental issues.
SAFETY ALERT - - Working in CEV's
It has come to the attention of the Local that many CEV's in our area do not have working entrance warning lights   It has been said that most techs will enter the CEV without KNOWING that it is safe.  Some say there is a monitor you can check once you get down there.
Big Win for AT&T Mobility Members
The Local would like to thank CWA Staff Representative Jim Byrne for his persistance in persuing grivances for AT&T Mobility members.  CWA has prevailed in a grievance filed on belhalf of members at Mobility who no longer receive monthly parking fees from AT&T.  The monitary settlement affects 28 members in Arlington, Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia.
Union Tee Shirts
Many members have asked how to get a new Union tee shirt.  Local 2222 has many red tee's but only in size XXL.  These shirts are being sold for $5.00.  Please contact the Local or your Steward if you are interested in purchasing an XXL shirt.  At this time the Local has made no plans to purchase more shirts.  CWA tee's are available from many vendors.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report #26
August 18, 2015 The parties returned to the Regional Bargaining table today. The Union offered several modifications to its proposals on ACFC, TABEC, Dental Plan improvements, and the Medical Restriction Policy. The Union also questioned the Company about data it had provided in response to the joint requests for information by CWA and IBEW.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 25
August 12, 2015 After spending several days reviewing and analyzing various proposals, the Regional Bargaining Committee met with management today in an effort to move negotiations forward. The Union expressed a willingness to work with management on a new Retiree Medical plan that would save the Company millions of dollars, but emphasized that retirees must not be adversely impacted.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 24
The Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Committee spent this week reviewing data we previously requested from the company. This information is important because it is used to justify our proposals and to dispute Company arguments. We have not had any formal meetings with the Company since the contract expired.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 23 August 5, 2015
August 5, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee has continued working since contract expiration. Although there has not been an official meeting with the company there have been high-level talks to try and move things along to get bargaining back on track. The Union committee continues to review data previously requested and are working to modify several proposals.

Verizon is still trying to BREAK OUR UNION.  If we stand together, we can and we will prevail. We have over 30,000 active members that work for Verizon.   If we let VZ break us, it will be our fault.    Stick together, get involved, stay informed and don't let them win! 


Verizon Technicians Being Stalked
The Local has recieved reports from field technicians that they are being stalked and photographed by persons unknown.  The latest report was of an out of town vehicle with a camera out the window.  Your safety is of utmost concern to your Union.  Should you notice that you are being followed, watched and or photographed, you are urged to contact the local police.
Mobilization Meeting Tuesday August 4th
The Local will be holding it's monthly Steward-Mobilizer meeting tomorrow, Tuesday August 4th.  As every member should be participating in the mobilization process, the meeting will be open for any member wishing to attend. The meeting will begin at 5:30PM at the Membership Hall in Annandale.
We Are Not On Strike.....Yet

At this time, your bargaining team has decided that working without a contract is the strongest tactic we have. We can decide to strike at any time.

The key issues on the table remain job security, health care, retirement security, contracting out and offshoring of jobs.

There are several reasons why your union leadership has made this decision:

  • The company expects a strike and has been preparing for months. They have spent tens of millions hiring contractors, recruiting scabs, and training managers to climb poles and do the rest of our work. They have spent tens of millions in the media to portray themselves as the good guys. Why should we give them what they expect, and maybe even want? Let them pay the scabs and pay their hotel bills while we work.
  • The company is under significant pressure from elected officials and regulators because of their refusal to build out FiOS or meet the obligations of FiOS franchises they have already been granted. We are going to use this time continuing to build additional public pressure on the company.
  • Staying on the job enables us to send the message to the public and to elected officials that we want to provide the highest quality service to the public.


We will not simply be working as usual. We will be doing informational picketing, rallying, seeking community and political support, pressuring company executives and members of the Board of Directors. In short, we will do all the things we normally do when we are on strike.

  • Negotiations will continue.
  • You will still earn a paycheck.
  • All benefits, including health care and pension, will remain in effect.
  • The grievance procedure continues, but the company has the right to discontinue the arbitration procedure.
  • Discipline can be negotiated at the bargaining table.  You have the right to participate in concerted activity. This means you can mobilize on the job, including filing group grievances, leafleting, informational picketing, etc.




Statement to Members

After considering all of our options, your leadership has decided not to go on strike at midnight tonight, even though we have not yet reached a contract agreement.

The two sides remain far apart. Despite $18 billion in profits over the last 18 months, and a quarter of a billion in compensation to its top executives over the last five years, this greedy corporation is still insisting on destroying our job security, forcing us to pay thousands of dollars more for our health care, and slashing our retirement security.  They have basically not moved off their opening bargaining position from June 22nd.  It’s a disgrace.

We are disgusted by Verizon’s attitude at the bargaining table.  Their greed knows no bounds.

But we are not going to let our anger allow us to walk into a trap.  It’s quite possible that Verizon is trying to provoke us into a long strike in order to try to break us.  They have spent tens of millions of dollars preparing for a strike, training managers, hiring scabs and contractors, advertising against us on TV and radio.  So your leadership has decided that if and when we strike, it will be on our terms, on our timing.

We know that you are angry.  We are all furious at this greedy company.  Now our job is to turn that anger into pressure on the job and in the community.  We cannot have business as usual.  We will rally, engage in informational picketing, build political and regulatory pressure on the company, follow all the company rules to the letter, never take shortcuts, pressure company executives and members of the Board of Directors.  We will be disciplined, militant and united.  

This was not an easy decision.  But it is the smart decision.  And if and when the time comes, we will strike the company on our terms.

We thank you for your support and your solidarity.  One day longer.  We will win.

Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 21
July 31, 2015 The company and the Union met today at both the Regional and Local tables. At the Regional table the Union withdrew a proposal regarding corporate web access. The Union also passed a proposal to extend all MOU, MOA’s and Stipulation agreements. An additional information request was presented by the Union.

No News is ? News
There have been three seperate conference calls today between your bargaining teams and Local Presidents.  From these calls it has become apparent that Verizon is not and will not bargain in good faith.  No one at the tables representing Verizon seems to have the authority to bargain anything.
Letter From VP Mooney

New Information Line Number
After three long days of canceled orders and broken promises from Verizon, our Local now has a new number for our information tape.  The information tape will be used to keep our members informed regarding important events.   The new number  is 703 750-5444 and is available 24/7.
Regional Bargaining Report #20
Thursday July 30, 2015 As many of you may have seen, Verizon spent the day making videos, rather than bargaining with the Union in an attempt to avert a strike upon expiration of this contract Saturday at midnight. The Union made it clear in 2012 that we would not settle a contract without caring for our members and WE DID THAT.
Potomac Bargaining Report # 7
July 30, 2015 The Potomac Local Bargaining committee has met with the company multiple times since our last Local report. Today, we again reminded the Company we have outstanding requests for information since early July.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 19
July 29, 2015 The Regional Bargaining Committees met today, but no movement resulted despite the pproaching contract expiration. The Union passed a proposal to eliminate the “carved-out” provisions that deny protections to Verizon Business Technicians. The Union Committee then requested estimates of savings and other justifications for various management proposals.
Labor Relations Announces END OF LTSD
At 1PM today it was announced that: "The LTSD will end for NORVA/DC close of business tomorrow thus ending it throughout Potomac.
Local 2222 has been informed through a reliable source that the LTSD for Copper has been lifted as of today, Tuesday July 28th.  The LTSD is still in place for FIOS even though the load numbers indicated that on Sunday there were 2 more than normal starting numbers and on Monday the starting numbers were well below normal.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 17
July 27, 2015 The Union and the Company bargaining committees did not meet today, even though the Company made it a point on Friday to advise the Union it intended to do so. The Union reached out to the Company at noon after not hearing from them regarding scheduling a meeting. The Company advised they have nothing to present to the Union today.
Your Role In The Union
We Built It...They Want to Break It
Verizon Workers Vote Strike Authorization
Jul 25, 2015 New York – At a rally today with thousands of workers and supporters, the Communications Workers of America announced that 86% of Verizon workers voted over the last two weeks to authorize a strike if necessary.  The contract expires at 12 midnight on Saturday August 1 and covers 39,000 CWA and IBEW represented telephone workers from Massachusetts to Virginia.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 16
July 24, 2015 The Mid Atlantic bargaining team met with Verizon today to continue the bargaining process as the contract deadline approaches in just 8 days. The Union opened the meeting by giving the company a detailed proposal for amendments to the current medically restricted policy.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report # 14
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report # 14 July 21, 2015 The Union and the Company met this morning. The Union provided proposals on Neutrality, Sales Pro-Ration and Call Sharing.
Verizon Creates Spy App to Monitor Striking Workers
As strike looms, new app lets Verizon monitor union Continuing to prepare for a potential strike, Verizon has been distributing an app to its non-union employees that will allow them to document bad behavior by union workers in the event of a work stoppage.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 15
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 15 July 23, 2015 Bargaining continued today with the first of two meetings centered on the company’s retrogressive proposal on The Sickness and Accident Disability Benefit Plan.
Verizon Bargaining in the Workplace
Labor Relations Lifts LTSD in NORVA COPPER ONLY
Please read the email below that was sent by Tom Stribling of VZ Labor Relations late yesterday.    --------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Stribling, Thomas J (Tom) <> Date: Monday, July 20, 2015 Subject: Potomac OT Update To: Shannon Kirkland <>, Bill Evitt -- CWA Staff Rep District 2-13 <bevitt@cwa-union.
Download: Center 170 Load Numbers 7-20-15.docx
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #13
July 20, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Team met with the Company today to review its Call Sharing proposal. Under the terms of this proposal, Verizon would not have any restrictions on routing calls. The proposal would allow Verizon to route calls to any call center or vendor based on a matrix of skill sets. Verizon’s proposal does not provide for any limits on the contracting of work.
LTSD Update
The information below was received from Verizon on Saturday, July 18th.  Notice it says "projections" and "at this time".  Hopefully Verizon is better at predicting when this will end than they have been an projecting how much work they can commit to completing.
The Local will be conducting a strike authorization vote for Verizon members.  Voting will take place on Tuesday, July 21st from 7:30AM until 8:00PM and again on Wednesday July 22nd from 7:30AM to 4PM.  Both votes will be conducted at the Union Hall in Annandale.  This will be a paper ballot secret vote to ensure your privacy.
Regional Bargaining Report # 12
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report # 12 July 17, 2015 There are no meetings scheduled with the Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Team and the Company today. The regional bargaining committee is reviewing the pension information provided by the company yesterday and working on an appropriate response to the Company’s pension proposal.
Potomac Local Bargaining Report #4
The Potomac Local Bargaining Committee met with the Company late last week and again today. On Thursday, the Union passed a series of proposals regarding Differentials, Promotional Wage Adjustments, Transfer & Reassignment, Work Schedules, Seniority, Layoffs and other issues to improve and reduce ambiguity in contractual language.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 10
July 15, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Committee met with the company today and passed proposals that affect the quality of life issues that our members face on a daily basis in the work place. Our proposals focused on providing increases in time off and greater flexibility to the membership when scheduling and taking time off the job.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 11
July 16, 2015 The CWA Mid Atlantic Regional Bargaining Team met with the company today. The Union began the session by presenting several new proposals dealing with issues involving wages, retirement security and job security. The company presented an overview of its retirement proposal.
VERIZON Mobilization

As our contract nears expiration, Verizon is spending a lot of money on advertising.   If you listen to WMAL for traffic updates, you will hear them spouting what a great company Verizon is to work for.  For those of you who have the pleasure of working for Verizon, there is a very different story.  Any Verizon worker that would like to express their version of what it is like to work for Verizon is encouraged to send an email to your Local at   You need not sign your submission.  The intent is to gather TRUE accounts of working conditions from the real workers and let the general public know what the life of a Verizon worker really looks like.  

Verizon Bargaining #9
Jul 10, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee met with the Company this morning and passed several proposals regarding, Increases to Incidental Absence Caps, Breach of Identity Security Protection, Increases to Supplemental Pension Benefits and the Regional Associate Mobility Plan (RAMP).
Verizon Bargaining #8
Jul 09, 2015 Your Regional Bargaining Committee spent today working on proposals to put the UNION’s agenda across the table. You may have or soon will be receiving an e mail from Marc Reed, Verizon’s Executive Vice President explaining to you the Company’s proposal to slash your retirement security.
Verizon Bargaining Report #7
              Mid Atlantic Bargaining Report #7               Wednesday, July 8, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Committee met with the company twice today. During the morning session, the bargaining committee asked the company questions related to its healthcare proposal.
Mid Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #6
Mid Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #6 Thursday, July 2, 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Regional bargaining committee met today with the company. The Union asked some clarifying questions on the Company’s Tuition Assistance and 401k proposal. The Union also presented the Company with several information requests relative to health care and pension plans.
Reminder - MASS RALLY - 7/25 in NCY
CWA and IBEW will be holding a MASS RALLY on Saturday July 25th.  Your Mobilization coordinator has information that will be distributed at work locations next week.  If you want to join us for the RALLY, please contact the Local no later than July 17th. You may also view the information on the attached flyer.
Download: Rally Flyer.pdf
Potomac LOCAL Bargaining Report #3
Potomac Local Bargaining Report #3 Wednesday July 1, 2015 The Potomac Local Bargaining committee met with the Company today. The Union presented additional proposals on improvements to Article 31, Vacations, Article 32, Payments During First Seven Days of Sickness Absence and Article 33, Excused Time. The company did not submit any additional proposals today.
Potomac LOCAL Bargaining Report #2
Potomac Local Bargaining Report #2 Tuesday, June 30, 2015 The Potomac Local Bargaining committee met with the Company today. The company asked questions related to the proposals the Union passed yesterday.
Potomac LOCAL Bargaining Report #1
As negotiations with CWA and Verizon continue, there will be issues that are dealt with at the Regional table and at the Local tables.  To date, all issues discussed have been at the Regional level.  This week, the parties begain negotiations on Local issues.  Below is the first report from the Potomac Local bargaining table.
Verizon Bargaining Report #5 June 26, 2015
Regional Bargaining Report #5
June 26, 2015
CWA District 2-13 and NJ CWA District 1 Regional Bargaining Teams met with the Company today. The first thing we did was hand the company a laid off member’s family photo to remind the company that the 42 people they are laying off in PA are actual people with families, not just numbers. When they close their eyes to sleep tonight, we hope that family portrait is ingrained in their minds.
We requested information to the proposal Verizon passed earlier this week. Here is a sample of some of the retrogressive items in the proposal:
JOB SECURITY Remove the protections against layoffs and forced transfers.
COST-OF-LIVING No Cost of Living increase
CORPORATE PROFIT SHARING at risk if not settled by specified dates, no increase with no minimum.
DIFFERENTIALS AND PREMIUM PAY Tour differentials will be paid only for actual hours worked between 9pm and 6am, no Weekend differential, and eliminate all differentials that exceed 10%
OVERTIME only after 40 hours per week, eliminate all overtime payments over 1 ½ per hour, remove all limits/caps on overtime
TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE NOTICE reduce notice given to the Union of any major technological changes
BENEFITS the company proposes major reductions in medical benefits, including introducing deductibles and increased co-pays, co-insurance and premium payments, removing the Union’s ability to negotiate retiree health care benefits
PENSION BENEFITS all accruals will be frozen at 30 years, those with more than 30 years at the time of this change will be frozen at their accrued amount, the “lump sum” Cash Out provision will not be renewed.
401(K) PLAN PROVISIONS AND CHANGES a quarterly administrative fee and a $50 fee for processing new loans, no 401k option for members in the pension plan
DISABILITY BENEFITS eliminate the “Accident” portion of the Sickness/Accident Disability Plan. Limit the use of full paid weeks under mental illness, drug and alcohol condition as well as for musculoskeletal disorders.
SHARING OF CALLS AMONG CENTERS giving the Company additional leeway to route calls out of our bargaining units and to contractors while giving contractors the exclusive handling of all new products and services.
Tuition Assistance Expanding the list of “excluded” studies
ACFC/TABEC COMMITTEES’ drastic reductions
EVALUATIVE OBSERVATIONS remove any restrictions on when evaluative observations may be taken
VACATION SCHEDULING PERCENTAGES reduce the percentage of vacation time
CONTRACTING FIBER FACILITIES TRANSFERS AND RELOCATIONS Allows the Company to use contractors to transfer fiber optic facilities and associated electronics between poles and perform other work current prohibited under the “Broadband” and other Agreements
ELECTRONIC RECORDING OF CALLS no advance notice and extend feedback from 24 hours to 7 days
INCOME SECURITY PLAN Employees will be required to sign a release; offer will be reduced to 15 days
Any one of these items could drastically change your life. Imagine if they all were implemented. Stand united!
Training Opportunity

EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY!!!! Take advantage of these July Classes before our contract expires.
Social Media Savvy
If you use social media to express yourself, please do not identify yourself with your employer.  It would be better to list CWA as where you work.  All corporations monitor the web for mention of their name and any negative comments posted may be considered a violation of their code of conduct.
No matter what your Supervisor tells you, OUR CONTRACT states: "Except in emergencies, no employee will be involuntarily scheduled or assigned to work six days in a week in consecutive weeks." We are not in an emergency.  Verizon has declared a "Long Term Service Difficulty", therefore the language found on page 236 of OUR CONTRACT and quoted above is the rule.
Verizon Bargaining Reports #3 and 4
The Local did not receive report #3 until requested when #4 came in.  Below, you will find report #3. Report #4 is linked.   Please read them and stay informed.  United We Bargain, Divided We Beg.  Regional Bargaining Report #3 Wednesday, June 24, 2015 The CWA Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining team met with the company twice today in Philadelphia.
Download: Bargaining 2015 Report # 4.pdf
Verizon Regional Bargaining Report #1 June 22, 2015

Regional Bargaining Report   #1
Monday June 22, 2015

Bargaining with Verizon began today with the Company and the Unions exchanging opening remarks and stating their respective goals for this round of bargaining. CWA District 2-13, CWA District 1 NJ and IBEW NJ are negotiating for new contracts in Philadelphia while CWA District 1 and IBEW NY and NE are negotiating for new contracts at the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester County.
Ed Mooney, Vice President District 2-13 gave an opening statement to the Company at the Regional Bargaining table. Ed closed his statement by stating, “CWA is committed to Verizon’s continued success.  We are united in our commitment to improve our living standards for our families, to provide security for our retirees, and to secure good well –paid union jobs for the future.  We are united in our commitment to fight for fairness – we are the foundation upon which the success of Verizon rests.  We have helped to boost the company’s earnings and productivity even through a global recession.  It is now our turn to share equitably in that growth.
When workers at Verizon improve their living standards through collective bargaining, all of our communities also benefit.
When CWA members succeed at the bargaining table, when we secure a better standard of living for our members, we help to boost the entire U.S. economy.

In IBEW 827 Local President Bob Speers’ opening statement he reminded the company of the achievements reached over the years when Verizon worked with the Unions and not against us. He also committed to work to reach an agreement that is in the best interest of all of our members.
After opening statements, Verizon gave the Unions an insulting and retrogressive comprehensive proposal. The Regional Bargaining Committee has adjourned for today and will resume bargaining tomorrow.

AND SO IT BEGINS......On our 1st day of bargaining,
A little after 12 o'clock noon today, our bargaining chair, Gail Evans received the following e-mail from Verizon Labor Relations: 
From: "Stribling, Thomas J (Tom)" <>
Date: June 22, 2015 at 12:12:01 PM EDT
To: Gail Evans <>
Subject: Potomac OT Caps

We’ve been accepting volunteers and forcing up to the overtime cap since the week of May 31.  The severe storms over the weekend increased the load to where we are going to lift the overtime caps for all of Maryland copper & FiOS, Northern Virginia copper & FiOS, and Western VA copper per the Overtime Administration LOU under a long term service difficulty.  We’ll continue to monitor DC and the rest of Virginia but at this point we will continue to take all volunteers and work up to the overtime cap.

What this means is that all qualified technicians who work FiOS or copper will be forced up to 12 hours per day up to 6 days in the first week and the company CAN NOT ASSIGN 2 six day weeks back to back per our contract.  The company CAN NOT ASSIGN 7 DAYS in any week.  DOT liscensed drivers are limited to 11 hours driving per day via CDL regulations. 

All members are asked to look out for one another, and to work safely.  It is going to be very hot this week.  Check with your crew mates to ensure they are safe and do not need help in order to finish with in 12 hours. 

If you get "no work assigned to technician" and you work in Chad Thompson's group, you should contact the DRC requesting work.  If after 5 minutes you have no work, contact your foreman,   If after  contacting your foreman you do not have work assigned within 5 minutes, contact Chad on 301 788-4484.  If after contacting Chad you don't have work in 5 minutes, contact Andre Sanders on 410 498-9408. 

Reasonable excuses should be accepted and if denied, please contact your Steward or the Local. 

Heat Stroke, Stress, Exhaustion
Please check out the information regarding Heat Stroke Stress and Exhaustion under the Health and Safety tab at the top of the home page. 
2015 CWA Local 2222 Defense Fund Requirements
Verizon Mobilization 2015

Attention Members @ Verizon

As you are aware, this is a "bargaining year" and CWA has begun Mobilization efforts to ensure we get a fair shake at the bargaining table.  Understanding that knowledge is power, our Local is finalizing our mobilization "tree" that will help make sure everyone is included in all upcoming activities and issues of importance during this upcoming struggle.  

Our structure will insure that alll Members will be assigned to a volunteer who will verify email addresses, cell phone numbers and how you would like to recieve information.  Before this structure is fine tuned, you may recieve more than one email text or phone call regarding mobilization activities from an Officer of the Local or from a Steward or co-worker about upcoming events.  Please bear with us as we fine tune our new methods. 

If you would like to volunteer to help with this new process, you will be assigned 10 to 15 Members that you will comit to forwarding messages to or sending text messages to or callilng with the information.  Please contact the Local on 703 256-2200 or by email to and let us know you are interested. 


Workers Compensation & Disability
URGENT!  If you or a co-worker that you are aware of, has experienced ANY problems related to Workers Compensation and/or Disability claims, to include but not limited to, receiving payment, care, correspondence, etc...  please contact the CWA Local Union Hall at:      703.256.2200      or by email: office@cwa2222.

Members, Heads up! The CWA-Verizon contract ends 11:59pm August 1, 2015. Once again we need to begin to think about preparations in the event we experience a work stoppage.  Contact the local TODAY for how you can help the movement.
clarity on verizon overtime cap
The CBA defines and Verizon pays overtime for hours worked over  8 in a day (daily overtime) not just for hours over 40 in a week,  When an employee has accumulated their contractually forced 8 hours by working more than 8 hours in a day, it is overtime that counts toward the cap.
Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Report # 22
August 1, 2015 7PM The Mid-Atlantic Bargaining Committee has yet to hear from the Company today. As the contract expiration approaches your bargaining team remains ready to meet with the Company to bargain. Instead of focusing on negotiating a new agreement before expiration, Verizon has spent every resource available to mislead the public and intimidate employees over the last month.
Bargaining Update
We are two hours away from the expiration of our contract with Verizon and we have made no progress today.  In fact, the bargainng committees did not even meet today.  As soon as Chris Shelton, our National President makes any call about how we will respond, it will be posted here.
VP Mooney Responds to Mudge

Please see the attachment for VP Mooney's response to Bob Mudge's letter sent to Employee's homes on June 12th. 

All Members are asked to send the letter back to Mudge.  If you need the address it is as follows: 

One Verizon WAY, 04 Floor Room E030,
Basking Ridge, NJ USA 07920

Download: Ed Mooney's letter 6-18-15.pdf
Young Worker Meeting
Young Working Meeting will be held the first Thursday of the month @7pm.

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Another LTSD?

In a letter recived on Friday from Labor Relations (Tom Stribling), the Union was finally given the load numbers that Verizon believed requiring all FIOS techs to work on Labor Day.  The Union had been requesting this information since Tuesday September 1st.  "The normal FiOS load on a holiday is approximately 850 and we’ll have over 3,500 FiOS jobs booked for Monday.

Forced 7th Day Canceled

             Forced 7th Day Canceled This just in from Verizon Labor Relations: Effective immediately, we need to cease assignment of the technician‘s 7th day moving forward.  We will continue to assign any technician a 6th day, as appropriate.


Saturday April 18th 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. Join us for a PHONE BANK to STOP FAST TRACK (Breakfast provided with a potluck lunch afterwards) LOCATION: NOVA Labor Office, 4536-B John Marr Drive, Annandale VA Contact: Dolores Gerber 703-303-0697 Event Location NOVA Labor Office 4536-B John Marr Dr Annandale, VA 22031

Verizon Mobilization 2015

Attention Members @ Verizon As you are aware, this is a "bargaining year" and CWA has begun Mobilization efforts to ensure we get a fair shake at the bargaining table.

Verizon Mobile Device Work Rule

CWA - Verizon Members, You may recall Verizon sent notice of a change in the Mobile Device Work Rule in October 2014. CWA made a formal request to bargain over the issue.   The bargaining committee met with the Company on October 21st and raised several concerns regarding the change.

Any Golfers out there?

Monday September 28, 2015...Come out to Enterprise Golf Course in Mitchellville, MD and have a good time on the green, and take pride in knowing the proceeds will benefit the Emergency Assistance Fund for needy union members and families.  

Contact Local 2222 at 703.256.2200 or email

Community Services Committee






OFFICE: 703-256-2200  INFO TAPE: 804-480-CWA0 (2920)





The CWA Community Services Committee is concerned about the communities in which our union members live and work.  We are as committed to our communities as we are to the workers we represent to keep our benefits, keep our job security, and keep fairness in the workplace. 

Overtime, DID YOU KNOW?
FMLA Changes. DID YOU KNOW...?

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